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    So I was out for 3 months. Personal issues.
    So I am back, doing PEC augmentation, 30 mins cardio 3 times a week. Other than that I’m a couch potatoe.
    I weight 258lbs (gym magic machine says 190lbs lean), 27% BF. I punched my numbers on the APP and says for maintenance I gotta hit 3000cals 254P, 200 something carbs and the rest in fats. I am TERRIFIED of those numbers because I have never eaten more than 2700cals (250ish protein has always been my norm). I am now eating 2100cals (240P) and trying to go back to normal progressively, but never in the history of ME anyone has put me at 3000 maintenance. First time I used the diet part of the app it told me 2600cals was my maintenance, what changed??. I put exactly the same values before. Those this seem right?.

    Sorry for the long post


    This is what’s happened to me, I do my check in on 2750 cals, and progress my weight, as soon as I drop a 1 kg it tells me to increase my Cals, I then add 1kg and it tells me to drop Cals because I’ve gained fat! But no one is answering the questions To explain the diet section, there should be more information on nutrition on here! Not all of us are bodybuilders

    Andrew Fancher


    My opinion is to follow the app and check in your weight every Sunday morning, or whatever weigh in time/day works for you as long as it’s consistent. Give the recommendations at least two weeks before making your changes. If you have maintained or gained weight, simply update the checkin weight and the app should lower your calories. Make small jumps, instead of 3000 however bring it down to 2900 and give that a go for a couple weeks.

    Can confirm personally (although we are all different) that 2100 cals daily and training intensely 3 days a week would have a major negative impact on my training performance. Would I lose weight? Yes. But I would also lose much more muscle than I like. Currently I eat around 2600-2700 cals on gym days and 2400-2500 on off days. BF% is coming down very slowly but strength and performance in the gym is holding strong.

    I’m 6’2” and BW is around the mid 280s btw


    Thanks all for the input I’m up to 2400 cals now and feeling great, Ill follow your advise and kep gradually climbing up.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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