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    J Hull

    Not a question – just expressing my gratitude for instilling proper “training” into my programs. I now tell people I’ve been a trainer and worked out for 20+ years. I’ve effectively trained for 5. Not that it matters, but for a natural athlete, I never thought this type of growth was attainable. Currently working through a broken knee, but I’m anxious to bring this new package to the natural stage.

    Thanks again, Joe!

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    Erik grønvik

    Great work man! Have you followed any particular programs here or made your own workouts/programs based on Joe’s work etc?

    J Hull

    Based on the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years I’ve developed my own program. If I were to choose one I’d say I’d begin with Terrence’s Olympia 2020, and roll it immediately into the 2021. Or, you can do as I’m doing and develop your own program based off of lacking body parts. If you haven’t already, I’d binge watch and take notes on the “HC University.”

    All the best, thanks for the kudos, man!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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