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    Lucas Cortes

    How much Protein. I’m pretty sure this is a common topic of discussion and questions to your guys so if you have a video you can send me to that also works. But i’ve heard different things on the amount of protein i should be consuming ideally (key word). Everyone hears the “a gram per LB of body weight” but i’ve also heard some bodybuilders say that anecdotally more protein has shown them better results, tons of pros are eating in the 400grams range etc. So i wanted to know what you guys have found to work based on the research+ actual people producing results. I weigh about 207 (which has fluctuated up and down) and over the last maybe year i’ve been eating about 300grams per day. But i’ve started to reevaluate my goals and realized that NOT eating (and cooking) a thousand pounds of chicken, beef, greek yogurt etc would make my life way easier and make it easier to fit the gym/“bodybuilding” into the spot in my life that i want it to be. So the question is how do i know how much i should consume? is there a point of diminishing returns? How big of a difference will it make on my actual physique if I lower my intake to 210 or 250 for example. Again if there’s a video on this that’s great too i just didn’t see it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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