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    DJ Riley

    Hey coach,
    Looking to build solid muscle mass and started really focusing on my nutrition back in November. I’m currently eating roughly 3700 calories a day (370g of carbs 124g of fat and 277g protein) I started at 172lb got up to 180 then dropped down to 176. I seem to be stuck there. I’m 6’ 5”… any tips on how to put mass back on?

    Daniel Abraham

    Eat more, I’m sure you know to find your maintenance calories, but also account for calories while burning during lifting and whatever you do for work unless you just sit at a desk all day. If you’re 6’5” chances are your maintenance will be pretty close to what you’re eating now since that is pretty tall and your body will require a decent amount of energy just to function. I’m 6’1” and 150 at the start of a bulk and I found milk (which I’m sure most coaches won’t recommend) helped a lot, easy calories on top of a meal. Also I know the coaches are big on fruit so maybe try some dried fruit to snack on, easy and digestible carbs. Hope this helps

    Xavier Szyszko

    Simple, you need more calories. Your body has adjusted to your current energy expenditure/intake balance

    Thomas Cassano

    I would suggest lowering the protein and increasing the carbs. Eating that much Protein makes it hard to eat more calories, digests slower keeps you satiated. Carbs can be packed in easier, digest quicker and allow you to eat more throughout the day, especially liquid carbohydrates

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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