Torn abdominal wall, diastasis recti

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    Fred Serrell

    So my linea alba popped through last Monday. Felt it at the bottom of the squat. Took the belt of and when I crunched it coned through
    It went back in, still a slight ridge from navel up and notice a bit more separation between abs
    Went to the dr, no hernia in the CT scan but visibly torn musculature and some scarring from what was most likely previous tearing.
    Was told 6-8 week recovery and no lifting

    Of course I’m still lifting just nothing that requires any moderate bracing yet.
    Trying to figure out a good rehab plan for this.
    I know I need a lot of transverse work, had to get a better vacuum anyway
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Trying to get it squared away so I can compete in my first classic physique show
    I was 6 weeks out when it happened
    Can’t really perform any squat movements yet, can’t brace properly without some discomfort and I don’t want to make it worse or prolong recovery
    Thanks for any advice you may provide

    Fred Serrell

    Appreciate it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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