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    Jacob Cashen


    This is in reference to me asking Joe via DM about a series of questions I have come up with while going through the trainers corner again. I separated all of my questions into each video per Joe’s recommendation (i figured submitted a new post for EVERY question would probably be excessive)

    Here are my questions from:

    Prospecting and professionalism

    When working someone into the book, and they agree to a session, is there an appointment to follow or will it just be a session? I can more easily visualize there being an appointment with a more “average client,’ but am having a harder time with a more intermediate person. I assume this comes down to just having a couple sentences that I am confident in using as a transition to getting them to sit down with me?

    How much time do you spend digging for someone’s Why in a consultation – especially if they
    are not “caving” into digging deeper? Do I just keep asking? (assuming the appropriate type of
    questions are being asked)

    If taking someone through a complimentary session, do you just do their workout, make your own
    for them to try, or blend them both together? I assume this is context based, but are there
    little points to be able to better tell which one to do?


    Thank you very much,


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    Jacob Cashen

    Bryce, thank you for your time and reply. I appreciate your response!

    A quick follow up question:
    1) with the why, what would you recommend to do if the person is not “giving up” their why. How long do you keep trying to ask the appropriate questions? Is it my question delivery that is the issue? This with an understanding that the why is what will keep them emotionally dedicated.

    Thank you again

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