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    Jacob Cashen

    The Close Part 2

    Only one question i gather from this video:

    When building rapport, should you take notes about what they say about their hobbies/interests? “Is it appropriate.”

    The Close Part 3

    “best” way to get a client to give biography before asking for the why? I understand there is no black and white. I am just looking for concepts.

    How do offer different product/plan? When do you offer?

    I appreciate your answers and feedback a lot, and thank you for your patience with me making these. I had a lot of personal stuff come up within the last month that heavily hindered me fully polishing all of this. Thank you.

    Side note, the Trainers Corner is absolute gold and I don’t think there is a number that signifies “enough” times through. This is my fourth, and I am finding more and more details and uncovering more and more towards how to frame myself being a trainer. Thank you.



    Jacob Cashen

    Joe and Bryce,


    Thank you very much for your replies. They seriously mean a lot. You both either 1) helped re-affirm some ideas/concepts I gathered, or 2) helped me see something from a new perspective.


    I have a few more posts with some questions, and I look forward to your answers.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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