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    First I’d like to tell about myself then ask the question. I’ve been training consistently for 6 years now, All natty. Did 3 shows naturally and after the show realised my legs look skinny because I lack adductors mass after reading Dante trudel’s article. Started training adductor and abductor in every leg day for about 3 months before the lockdown. Here, the gyms got open in
    August 2020 when I started with 50lbs add 4×20
    Been slowly building on that, only straight sets of 20reps for a while and then last set jump and try how much ever reps I can get.

    After 7 months yesterday,
    I was able to get
    3×15 – 100lbs
    1×10 – 110lbs

    I took so progress pictures, my adductors look far bigger than how they used to be, will I benefit from training adductors in a low-moderate intensity and 15-20 rep range every day ?

    Currently I train 4 times a week
    D1 legs (w add abd)
    D2 pull
    D3 push
    D4 glute (w add abd)
    *4 times a week helps me recover better and also doesn’t affect productivity

    Any other details, if you need please let me know.

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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