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    Sam Padelford

    Hi Joe,

    I really love this new format!

    I’ve been focusing on strength building and am currently following the 5-3-1 boring but big program where I work up to a heavy single, triple, or 5 of one of the big lifts followed by 5×10 of up to 70% of 1rm of a complementary compound lift.

    My question is when should I switch from something that is more strength focused to something more hypertrophy focused?

    I’ve read that it’s good to have a good foundation of strength and my current lifts are:
    Squat: 300 lb; OHP: 150 lb; Deadlift: 365 lb;
    Bench: 215 lb.

    Is it time to change my split?

    Sam Padelford

    Is it time to change my split*

    Sam Padelford

    is it time to change my split*


    If you goal is Hypertrophy, then I’d say now is the right time. There’s nothing wrong with starting with more of a “strength centered” program, but if the goal is to grow muscle, the programming specifics that associate with that work best. Any you’ll still get much strong as well

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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