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    1. At which point do I switch from full body to split routine?
    2. How long should I be plateauing for each exercise before considering to swap them?
    3. What are your main considerations for exercise swaps in this scenario above?
    4. To prevent the body from adapting to the exercise, isn’t it better to keep swapping so the muscle always gets new stimulus & hence more growth later?
    5. I noticed when you do T-bar rows, you stand instead of putting feet on the inclined position. Is it better this way and why?
    6. How do I know exactly how much cardio is “too much”? Eg 15km cycling vs 50km @ 18km/h on off days?
    7. Understand your favourite exercise for chest is incline press, and back is supported T-bar rows. Will you mind sharing your top favourite for each of the other parts too? E.g. Shoulders/Triceps/Biceps/Quads/Glutes.
    8. How do I tell when I have hit the limits of my genetic potential (size wise)?
    9. If I don’t enjoy eating root veggies, what kind of alternatives could I take?
    10. Similarly, I notice a lot of athletes eating oatmeal for breakfast. What’s the closest alternative to oatmeal nutritionally & tastes better?
    11. Do Greens powder work as well as eating vegetables themselves? What brands will you recommend?
    12. What can I take/do to feel less gassy (presume it’s from the high protein diet)?
    13. Is 15mins of mid-day sun daily sufficient to maintain good Vit D levels?
    14. Does it matter if I work out in the morning with just 100mg caffeine + 50g protein, or are carbs (E.g. bananas) absolutely helpful prior to workout?
    15. For daily water intake, do I drink based on my pee color or a fixed amount? I drink 2L daily and my pee is always pure white, and I’ve seen others recommend 3-4L daily. Other than gym work & weekend 10km walks, I’m usually sedentary (office work)
    16. [Website on Desktop] – is it true there’s no search button? I prefer to view videos on my desktop if possible.

    hmm I’m not sure why my previous reply was missing, but I wanted to ask:


    for fibre supplements (like psyllium husk), is it ok to take them together with magnesium bisglycinate at night after dinner? Or is there an ideal time?

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