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    Brad Clanton

    Hey guys was running chest specialization and was 10 weeks in doing great. On my chest day 3 weeks ago on chest day I was doing incline at 275 for 5, and had a new spotter, when re racking I caught the left j cup but missed the right one. The weight came down and back super quick, I caught the bar and was able to push it back up with a bit of the spotters help. It didn’t hurt to bad in the moment but it begin to hurt after a while. Switched to recovery program for 2 weeks. Had 4-5 days of initial pain but it subsided and at the end of 2 weeks went Into the back specialization feeling great. Completed day 1 but when 2 arm rowing something popped and basically shut the workout down. Lots of pain in the night and tried to run through activation work with quite a bit of discomfort In the delt. Long story short I belive its probably torn even if slightly and that after I see
    ortho I’m going to have to take a bit of a break
    with my pt or surgery. I was thinking about running a leg specialization if that happens, and was wondering how you would program it. I was considering a leg day then 2 days of calves/abs/cardio and a second leg day and repeat for 4-6 months or until cleared by the Dr. Any advice on how to program to get the best results would be great appreciated. Sucks because progress has been great and was just preparing go begin prep for first show in 2 years.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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