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    Prabhjot Brar

    Hi coaches
    I have question about training to failure
    I am training every muscle twice a week as a push,pull,leg split. I am doing 1 exercise 1 time in week to failure is it right or i have train to failure twice a week every mucsle ?

    Ihsaan Furlonge

    Training to failure is simply a tool to utilise, don’t be married to it. I think using one exercise that you to take to failure is a great place to start man, just ensure all your other sets are also in close proximity to failure and that you’re doing an amount of sets that you can recover from.

    With regard to whether or not you should be training to failure more- the important thing is that you are progressing weekly, hitting small rep and weight PR’s. Once that is happening you know you’re gaining muscle and recovering adeauately- you’re doing a damn good job and there is really no need ro add failure seys

    If you REALLY want to- Add one failure set on an exercise of your choice – and if you are recovering then hell yea keep it in. Slowly add in failure sets if you feel you can recover

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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