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    thoughts on this picture? i have seen conflicting study’s and opinions. for hypertrophy sake as a natural is going to failure good or bad?

    also, why is it that there is so
    much conflicting information on any topic of Bodybuilding? for example
    -high volume vs low volume
    – required protein needs: study’s show .6-.8 grams per lb of bw is all that’s needed. yet there are still loads of guys consuming 1.5-2g and pushing that on social media
    -intensity vs frequency
    -time under tension
    3-4day splits vs 5-6 day splits

    as a natural lifter it’s almost as if guys on gear get a platform and have just promoted things that then caught clout and make it very cloudy for natural lifters. on gear i’m sure you’d make gains doing any sort of anything.

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    Antonio Reis

    This study says that mecanical tension is the main drive for hypertrophy. Metabolic stress have a role too, but not so much.

    You can read his book for more details, also you can see the video about mechanims in educacional section.

    High and low volume both works Normally high volume have some RIR in majority of sets and low volume all to failure to acumulate the same effective reps.

    But low volume is not for begginners, they dont have a good technique yet and dont know how to milk the sets.

    Abouts splits, anyone could work if the volume and exercise selection are ok for what u need.

    Example: more days u can split more the volume or focus some lágging body part.

    About protein: u can get benefits from more protein on cutting from thermogenesis and more satiety

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    as a natural athlete wouldn’t just training to failure with high intensity (heavy weight), low volume (12-20 total sets per muscle part) and 2x a week frequency be 100% ideal?


    also so the way i have my training setup is i follow the PPL program on here as a template. (sub in a lot of stuff i don’t have access to bands and such) i go to failure with every set. it increases my strength as long as i’m in a surplus. but id this doing too much? i just feel odd leaving anything on the tank.

    my stats 5’9.5-5’10 175-178 lbs in the morning: S:425 B315 D525
    i’m not sure if the reason i have strong lifts but me myself i’m not that big if it’s because i’m going balls to the wall every training session? like i want to sleep immediately after hahha


    thank you i appreciate the responses i watched all the videos previously. i’m just curious if going to failure every set (most) is what we are aiming for. i feel weird leaving anything in the tank

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