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    Let me jump straight to the question:
    Finished pec augmentation program, now on cannonball delts.
    First week is RIR1, all sets are 6-8 reps on cannonball delts program on one chest exercise (the same chest exercise from the previous program).
    In the last program I had: 1st set 6-8 reps, on the 2nd set 8-10 reps and so on.. you get the point.
    In order to respect the previous program rep range, I had to lower the weight in order to stay in a given range on those sets.
    My question is, if every set in this new program (on that same exercise) is in 6-8 rep range, do I lower the weight each set to stay in that rep range or do I try and replicate the ammount of reps with the same weight in the next set (having in mind that I can replicate the form from the previous 6-8 rep set)?

    I remember hearing something about this topic from Joe in one of his videos but can’t find it, so here I am✌🏽😅

    Thank you for your answer in advance🤝🏽

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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