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    What’s your opinion on the whole debate going on right now on triceps training iniated by paul carter and chris beardsley? I personnally ditched it from my training as i never felt great doing them and didnt progress as much on them, my movements for triceps right now are jm smith press, pjr pullovers, cross cable extension and double rope pushdown. I always thought i had to do overhead for long head.

    Tayyab khadim

    Never did overhead work till 3 months ago and my long head blew up in size. I just take every advice like a grain of salt


    All these “biomechanics” guys are very smart, but they seriously debate over the most minuscule shit and then the average and experienced gym goer is left so confused they they end up doing one exercise until a new study comes out and ditch it to move onto the next. This is so frustrating, it’s making training overly complex.

    Hit the muscle from different angles, change up exercises every once in a while or phase, find what your body is reacting too, what you like, what’s challenging and this can apply to clients too.

    Following study trends is as bad as diet hopping to the latest fad. Just my 2c I could be way off, I just see so many “less knowledgeable” people left with more questions than answers

    Tayyab khadim

    Complete agree with you Alan

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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