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    I’m 43 years old and 2 weeks ago I hurt my back un-racking the barbell. I didn’t stay as tight as I should have and the bar gave a little bounce. I decided not to attempt my set and called it a day. My question is how can I grow my legs if I don’t want to do anything backloaded going forward and that includes front squats. Being out of the gym due to this injury is depressing and at my age it’s not worth it anymore. Thanks for the guidance.


    Danny Tom

    If you’re lucky enough to have a belt squat at your gym that might be an alternative to back loaded squats.


    Thank you Joe! I used some of your tips yesterday and felt great. For you to leave a 6 minute reply on one question at the price we pay for this app is just tits! Btw We met at the O last year my fat ass ran an 1/8th of mile for this pic lol

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