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    Brad Clanton

    Bryce and Joe, I know Bryce has advised on recovery from shoulder surgery for me before and just have a few additional questions. I’m now 7.5 months off surgery. Most lifts are back to pre injury numbers but overall feel is still sub par at best, even on the non injured shoulder.

    Do you feel like after a long recovery movements are uneven. For instance on a cable rear delt pull apart it feels as if it’s robotic and each side is the same. However when observed through video or an outside spotter there is significant difference is arm path especially at end ranges of motion and when externally rotated. It’s almost as if I can not judge that anymore. Is this something you felt improved over time, or do you notice lingering differences. I’m taking my time and attempting to be as patient as possible but it is definitely frustrating.

    Lastly did you notice a mental block on pushing upper body to true failure and to terrible places on pump work. With legs I can take pump work and sets in general to some pretty terrible places, and at critical moments on upper body days it’s almost as if I call it short. Do you think this mental block is a good thing until confident in the repair? Should I continue to push past and go to uncomfortable places or just hit technical failure and let confidence improve.

    Brad Clanton

    Thank you joe!! It really is extremely difficult mentally to come back from Injury. Not because it difficult getting back in the gym, but just because things don’t move how we want them to. As far as pushing closer to failure it strange because you want to keep pushing further on pump work, but your brain tells you to take it easier. Then you feel like a bi**h for stopping.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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