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    Hi! I discovered that when I do barbell bench press I tilt to one of the sides ever so slightly, and it is really noticeable on videos if I record myself straight up.

    I had no idea I was doing so and obviously I now want to address it prior to attempting to improve the lift further.

    After spending some time experimenting, I believe that it is because when I retract my scapulae my left one goes further back, and therefore the bar tilts to the left (left side being lower than right).

    Do you have any recommendations on how to fix it? I was thinking of switching to floor press (I’ve never done it before) as I can then immediately know when I’m off balance, but I’m weaker there than on bench (presumably because of dead stop). Is this a good option? Would love your suggestions!

    Thank you Joe! Been a permanent client for years and love everything you do, it helped me a lot!


    Thank you very much Joe! This is pretty much what it looks like throughout the entire range of motion, from the moment of unracking to where it touches the chest. It’s nothing drastic but feels off from the side.

    I will see what I can do with scapula and floor press (as I can’t really feel that I’m tilting it, for me it feels okay while
    I’m doing it)

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