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    Please can you compare these two machines for me when it comes to training glutes?

    My prime movement is banded legpress what i use for loading glutes in lenghtened position.

    Then i am doing this pin loaded V squats also banded (band around hips). Does it male sense to do this exercise ? I think V squat machine can work on my glutes in midd range but i am not sure.

    I was trying to replace for now banded RDL because my lower back is much weaker than glutes with combination of legpress+v squats. Do you think it could be good replacement of RDLs?

    Do you think it could be beneficial to doing these V squats or is this machine complete trash? ( hip is bending too much)

    Complete workout im gym for glutes looks like this
    1. Banded legpress pin loaded – 2 sets
    2. V squats (banded) 2 sets
    3. Abduction 2 sets, last drop set

    My Second home workout because of corona restriction for glutes is:
    1. Banded RDL 3sets (barbell)
    2. Banded hip dominant split squats 1 drop set
    3. Glute bridges 2-3sets

    Please let me know you opinion and if you would do some changes in structure of workouts.

    I added pictures of mechines that i am talking about.

    Thank you very much.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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