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    Tommy M

    How many warm up sets do I do ?

    Kevin Glover

    Not sure how to post a audio message like Joe, but understanding what a warmup protocol is, and why and how to use one is important.

    Warmup – a warmup protocol could be broken down into two variables, one being an overall warmup prior to the entire workout day or individual warmups per exercise to not only reduce injuries but to also make sure your muscles are firing 100% going into max effort weight. Also warmups also called feeder sets can be good to test weight without over fatiguing the muscles, if not sure of what your target weight per target set range is.

    Warmup For Entire Workout – an overall warmup protocol would be something like dynamic stretching, maybe a stair stepper or cycle to warmup joints and get blood flowing, as well as heart rate and internal heat.

    Warmup For Each Exercise – a good rule of thumb is to do enough warmup / feeder sets to confidently and safely hit max effort weight for target sets.

    Example – I’ll take me. My 1RM right now is 185 on bench. But not even 1RM, my 6-8 reps is around 155-160. If I wanna warmup for that I’ll first make sure bench is positioned right, bar placement, and then practice with just the bar 1-2 quick sets. Then I’ll go right into 95lb with no rest, so that for maybe 6-8 reps then rest 30secs, throw on 115, 6-8 again. If cardiovascular and breathing is a little heavy i’ll rest 1min, then I’ll do 135, either 6-8 or just 3-4, since I’m reaching max effort weight I don’t wanna fatigue the muscle, just get it knowing the real shiz bouta come. Rest 1-2 mins max, then throw on that working weight for me 155 for 6-8. I want my RIR (rest in reserve around 1-2, closer to 2) to make sure reps are clean. I do my working weight for 1-2 sets max, then do another 1-2 sets reduced weight for 10-12 reps.

    There ya go!!! Do a good warmup stretching or cardio preworkout, then do 1-3 warmup sets per exercise. 3 for h avg compounds, 1-2 for isolation, closer to 1.

    Keep a weight log to then go back and know what your working weight will be, so you’re not guessing warmup progression or working weight, and can progressively overload easier.

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    Kevin Glover

    Awesome! I am going to check that video out too. I am always in the market to learn more myself.

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