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    My question isn’t going to be how many I should do etc etc.. it’s going to be more geared toward set up.

    Example: if I am performing a Hammer machine plate loaded unilateral chest press and my intent is 1-2 working sets of 5-8 I will normally start with one plate. Do 8 reps, add two more plates. Do another 8 and co to use this until I notice difficulty around rep 2-3. I then load a little more weight and perform my set. Rest periods between load are around 20-40 seconds

    If I do a second set I start the process over again after 3-5 minutes.

    Would this be considered “proper” warm up to working set?

    I look forward to your advice.


    Sounds pretty on point to me. But watch this video if you want a bit more detail on the subject

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