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    Sean Pelzer

    I know it is best to always do warmup sets for your exercises before getting into the working sets.

    Is there a specific percentage based range and/or rep range you like to work through during your warmups until you get to your working sets?

    For example if I am going to do a working set of 100lb DBs on a flat DB chest press, is it most optimal to start with 50% for 10-12 reps then up it to 70% for 8-6 reps then 85% for 2-4 reps. Then get into your working sets.

    Or does it not actually matter what percentages/rep ranges of your working set you work through during the warmup?

    Paul Boyd

    I heard jp say the following before which I feel is a good way of looking at it.

    “Do as much as you need to warm up but not so much that it takes anything away from your working sets”

    So if you do a set of 12 with 50% as you said and you feel it may take something away from your working set then maybe less would be better.

    Personally my warm up for 50kg dumbbell flat bench looks like this

    No weight pressing movements
    10 kg 10 reps
    20kg 3 reps
    30kg 2 reps
    40kg 1 rep
    50kg working set.

    If I do something between 40 kgs and 50 kgs it’s only to get that extra rep of practicing getting the weights up to the right position to start.

    It used to do my head in how long it took to warm up and complete my first exercise. I had been doing far too much in my warm up.



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