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    Let’s end week 6 arms with 7 sets of Arm Abomination giant sets said no one πŸ˜‚ I literally never felt my arms so jello in my life after pumping out 7 giant sets. OVERKILL I KNOW πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ

    I will be taking a well deserved two days off and adding 6 more weeks to take it to a 12 week program while adding a little more each week as long as recovery stays on point but here’s my thoughts on the last 6 weeks.

    Week 1

    My ego was way too big to grasp the concept of how these programs are setup. Learn the movements, learn the rep ranges and do them right.


    Week 1 wasn’t wasted but I learned a valuable lesson that doing what I thought was necessary wasn’t really in the best interest of how this program was designed to be. I honestly didn’t think week one was going to challenge me. I had a good friend at the gym give me solid advice and his exact words were “drop your ego at the fucking door”

    Week 2

    Struggling with my ego mentally but pushed through the second week and started to feel something. A response from my body that I’ve never felt before. Muscle groups actually responding to what I was doing more than what I used to do. And not that the programs I set for myself in the past weren’t working, the focus wasn’t where it needed to be from sets to how I was targeting my arms.

    Week 3 & 4

    It started to get interesting. Drop sets, supersetting and pushing myself harder. Especially after watching a lot of the videos on being consistent, form and a lot of other stuff that really helped with understanding the mechanics of these movements. Started to add a few extra workouts, nothing too heavy but just a little extra to expand on what I was doing. Ego behind me but knowing adding a little extra was definitely something I would benefit from.

    Week 5

    Holy shit!! This is when I had the most respect for the Armageddon program. It was clicking, I was a well oiled machine. Going heavier, sets getting better, form on point and literally feeling stronger mentally and physically. I even had a guy come up while doing the roller cable Flys and asked to work in since he’s never seen them done that way. He left impressed and I made a new friend. Aww right lol

    Week 5 is where found my grunt πŸ—£οΈ. I’ve never understood the grunt until I really pushed myself and it naturally came with the mindset of needing to push past whatever it may be into that uncomfortable zone and feel that lactic burn and put everything mentally and physically in it. The mental aspect being the hardest.

    Week 6

    This is where I put in the most work. Pushed myself the hardest. I’ve never been more amped up to workout. I’ve always loved the gym but this made it a personal challenge. Adding more sets, adding more workouts like the rack chins and some arm bashing and a few others. I loved the Arm Abomination and Tricep Death ladders the most. These are so brutality stupid fun, especially when you are damn near gassed out. Like today’s pump work with the Arm Abomination last sets of the morning I said screw it let’s go for broke. Yea.. 7 sets definitely were overkill but man I loved the hell out of each one.

    Week 7

    Starts in two days. I’m taking a well deserved rest and relaxation period to do some light swimming and self care. When I get back Wednesday morning it’s back on. Extend this out for 6 more weeks and see what my arms really can do while adding more weight, more sets and more workouts as long as my recovery stays consistent.

    Lastly, since I know you love my lengthy posts 😘 Joe… Bryce… I appreciate all that you’ve done in your videos, and your recorded responses to our questions. And out of any coaches out there from videos to learning why a dumbbell is positioned where it is, or a cable should be aligned with and so on… You two are the best out there that I’ve watched and listened to. And I’ve watched a lot of videos and coaches talking but never explaining like you guys do that makes you realize why a movement does what it does and how it needs to be done.

    I’ve learned more in the past 6 weeks than I’ve done for myself in one year by trying to figure out all this on my own. Much love, much respect and I’ll hit ya with a other lengthy post soon enough πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š


    Great feedback. Great success. Thanks for the compliments. Keep working hard. It’s paying off


    Great feedback. Great success. Thanks for the compliments. Keep working hard. It’s paying off


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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