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    Daniel gallagher

    Hi, trying to gain some muscle.
    Was sitting about 82kg at the back end of last year, and through December started to eat in a surplus, with not so consistent training, with holidays etc.
    Started training 4 times a week every day since January, have gone from 85kg at beginning of January to 87kg now.
    Biceps have gained .25 inch and chest 1.5inch but also 1.5 inch on the waist. Are these measurements normal? I’m definitely feeling stronger than when I was trying to hold the 82kg (fairly lean) plan is to try and gain muscle for a few months and then cut back a bit of bf before the summer (UK) . Not a bodybuilder or competitive in any sport. Just enjoy training and trying to look decent!
    Thanks in advance.

    Xavier Szyszko

    I’ve been gaining 2-3lbs a month since July and still haven’t gained more than maybe 0.5in on my waist. I’d say if youre gaining more than 1kg a month (at least if you’re trying to lean bulk) you could pull calories back a bit

    Daniel gallagher

    Hi Xavier thanks for the reply.
    Not so fussed about lean bulk just want the most efficient way to build muscle mass. Ans hope to cut back a bit later down the line. Just hoping to not over do it unnecessary.

    Daniel gallagher

    Perfect thanks for your time Joe

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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