What is peoples diets like? (3000kcal a day) show me your meal plan 👍🏽

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    If anyone on the same amount of Cals (macros set around P260 C400g F70g) would like to share what there day of eating looks like, I would be very interested to see how you structure your day around your own lifestyle. I know we are all different but I’m just curious on how you do it and see how it compares with my own based over 5 meals 👍🏽

    Mine looks something like this……

    Meal 1: 40g protein with 30g egg white powder with bagel and 20g peanut butter

    Meal 2: 175g chicken with whole meal pitta with spinach, and 150g green beans. 20g Nando’s peri peri sauce.

    Meal 3: 175g chicken, 250g (cooked weight) basmati rice, 150g broccoli, 20g Nando’s peri peri sauce

    Snack: 2 rice cakes with 20g dark chocolate

    Pre workout: 5g creatine 20g dextrose

    Post workout meal: 45g protein 100g coco pops

    Meal 4: 185g turkey mince, with whole meal pitta bread and a side of salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber) light Mayo.

    I normally have 4 meals, and I class my post workout meal as meal 4 on training days. I don’t have this meal if I don’t train.

    On my off days I do 30 mins cardio which is once a week. Other days I aim to hit 10k steps a day.

    Current photo is below.

    Thank you. 💪🏽

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    Macros for all this is P275g C360g F60g

    Jacob beebe

    Meal 1 (pre workout)
    7 oz chicken
    40g of Carbs via rice

    Creatine and 25g of Carbs (intra workout)

    Meal 2 (post workout)
    45g of Protein via whey
    1 apple

    Meal 3
    6 oz chicken
    2 oz beef patty
    1 slice swiss cheese
    2 buns (42 g of Carbs)

    Meal 4
    7 oz chicken
    130 g of carbs via rice
    2 eggs
    1.5 tbsp of peanut butter

    Meal 5
    Salmon 7 oz
    65 g of carbs via rice
    66 g of carbs via cereal

    Macros aren’t exactly the same as yours but close. Thought I’d share.
    As you mentioned we all have different schedules. Being in the military my day changes quite a bit and so sometimes I gotta work with eating cereal and burgers.

    270 p, 415 c, 65 f


    Thank you mate, at least someone replied haha. 👍🏽 it’s just nice to see how others plan there day when lifestyles interfere with our own goals. With myself I workout in the afternoon after work (10-12hr) shift so for me I have to plan my meal 1/2/3 before I workout and then my post workout meal is the cereal and protein and meal 4 is my last meal. I tend to over think a lot of stuff because I wanna get it right. Sounds good to me though eating burgers and cereal lol.
    Are you prepping daily? And how you find it cost wise? I think the diet planner on here could be improved a little, telling us to eat the same amount of protein, carbs and fats in each meal doesn’t make sense and is quite hard to reach each exact meal. I tend to work off protein goals and Cals more so, I move carbs and fats around as I see fit.
    Do you add any cardio? And what is your split? If you don’t mind me asking mate?


    Hi Tom, hopw this helps

    Macros 250P 250C 80F

    Meal 1
    4 whole eggs
    200g low fat cottage cheese

    Meal 2
    100g oats
    50g whey
    20g peanut butter

    Meal 3
    200g lean meat raw weight (turkey, chicken, fish)
    100g whole grain bread
    Veggies or salad
    10g olive oil

    Meal 4
    50g whey
    1 piece of fruit

    Meal 5
    200g lean meat raw weight
    500g white potato
    10g olive oil

    Cost wise it is a pretty budget friendly meal plan. I work from home so I can prepare every meal fresh, tastes much better but If I was going to work I would bulk cook meat and carbs to save time. Im currently cutting on this. Hope it will help you make your own mealplan.

    Jacob beebe

    No need to over think too much. Like you said just hitting protein is key. After that being consistent is usually the best go. I understand fluctuating carbs and fats when you think it’s needed.
    I sort of prep as needed. I can get away with getting a little behind on prepping due to my job providing free meals. So typically I’m only spending about $25 a week and that’s all on chicken.
    Diet planner definitely needs improvement. No bodybuilder in the world spaces out macros evenly. Pre workout is usually smaller for most and post workout is usually bigger. Joe himself definitely has his meals fluctuate lots.
    I’m in peak bulk right now so I feel pretty fat and lazy haha so cardio no. I definitely should be, but I walk 8k-10k steps usually.
    Split is: Push, lower 1, rest, pull, chest/arms, lower 2, rest.


    Hi Luka/Jacob

    Thank you for your reply guys 👍🏽, yeah I made a few adjustments accordingly, obviously we have different lifestyles a and more so now my life has change since losing my mum recently also more so the fact that I’m between two houses now so I’m either staying with my father 2-3 times a week or I’m staying at home with the wife and kids 2-4 times a week, so instead of me prepping my meals every day I made a few tweaks so I now prep every 3 days (I finally dug the slow cook out lol and changed a couple of meals) so here are my meals for the macros of 3000cals
    P280g C360-400g F65g (I’ll adjust carbs when I need to depending on training days and I’ll leave protein and fats where they are)

    Meal1: 30g protein and 30g egg white powder in a shake with bagel and 20g peanut butter

    Meal2: 200g chicken with 1 whole meal roll, 20ml light Mayo and a bit of lettuce,

    Meal3: 200g chilli mince with 250g (cooked weight rice) 150g green beans.

    Meal4: 200g turkey mince , pitta bread and side salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) which I’m changing next week to 1 jacket potato and green beans) instead of salad and pitta.

    Post workout meal: 45g protein 120g coco pops.

    Pre workout: 5g creatine 30g dextrose glucose.

    This leaves me with around 200 Cals to play with to hit 3000 Cals so I may add banana and rice cakes in there as a snack, or room for some chocolate if I fancy it 👌🏽

    Happy with this food and it’s something I can sustain and easily fit around my days And still not go hungry.

    Just simple food and doesn’t cost the earth. 👍🏽


    Anyone out there able to incorporate a macro heavy plan into 2-3 meals? I work like 16 hour days and finding time to eat and hit macros is hard. Wondering if anyone out there has any tips

    Andrew Fancher

    Hello JayA,

    Are you trying to bulk or cut on 3 meals a day? In my experience bulking can be be a challenge with 3 meals as a day as you would be looking at least 1000 cals a meal. However if you mean cutting that is much more manageable at 700-800 cals per meal

    Andrew Fancher

    This was a random gym day when I was bulking …

    Meal 1
    8oz OJ
    1 scoop greens powder
    30mL coffee creamer

    Meal 2
    70g blueberries
    1 Greek yogurt
    1.5oz almonds
    250g rice
    2.8oz 93/7 gbf

    Meal 3
    50g whey shake
    8oz cranberry pomegranate juice
    1 bag of rice crisps (these are awesome)

    Meal 4
    1oz almonds
    70g blueberries
    58g cream of rice
    .5 oz peanut butter
    25g whey powder in the cream of rice
    2.5oz chicken


    Meal 5
    50g whey shake (post workout meal)
    1 Rice crispy (post workout meal)
    2 chocolate rice cakes
    30 min later…
    6oz chicken
    350g rice
    1oz peanut butter

    3100 cals
    395c / 87f / 238p

    Normally was shooting for 3400-3500 on gym days so this day didn’t get quite as much protein in as I would have liked


    Hello JayA,
    Are you trying to bulk or cut on 3 meals a day? In my experience bulking can be be a challenge with 3 meals as a day as you would be looking at least 1000 cals a meal. However if you mean cutting that is much more manageable at 700-800 cals per meal

    Thanks for the response!

    I was referring to cutting. I would say that I’m able to eat 2 meals a day at best and with macro requirements, it’s really tough to hit them. Imagine trying to hit 200+ grams protein in two meals.

    Not sure if anyone else has dealt with this.

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