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    Daniel Alvarado

    Hi Joe,

    I’m new to the app and I’m trying to figure out which specialization to choose. In my opinion, my weakest body parts are Chest, Shoulders and Arms (in that order).

    For background, in case relevant:

    I was 300 lbs in 2015, dieted down to 155 in 2017, and started working out seriously (+ eating like a bber) in 2019. I have lots of loose skin as a result.

    I had an Inbody scan come back at 11.3% body fat on 200 pounds about a week ago (same time as pics). This should mean I look decent, but the pics say otherwise 🥴

    My goal is to be 230-240lbs lean at some point to hopefully fill out the leftover skin.

    Any tips?

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    Daniel Alvarado

    Thanks Joe, for the kind words, and the detailed reply!

    I spent most of my afternoon yesterday on the TV and Guidance section of the app, so I feel like I’m good to go. I’ve also been following your YouTube channel for a while, so I had already stolen some of your programming for my routine.

    I’ll go for the pec specialization, and we’ll work our ass off to make a big improvement. And no worries, I’ll run it for at long as I can see progress, those tits need to become one of my best body parts.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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