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    Kirt Perez

    A question on when to have a rest day with this program and dealing with soreness.

    For the Your better half program, would you do the first upper lower workout and then take a rest day? How many rest days should one have to go on to the second upper lower workout of the week?

    I took one rest day after the upper lower workout and I’m currently still sore and not sure if I can hit the muscle group that’s sore after just one rest day.

    Before I got this app, I always see programs having you hit a muscle group after 2 days of not working it. Like for example in a PPL split, the push workout would be hit again on the 4th day, 2 days after finishing the first push workout. Somethign about protein synthesis being at its peak or something after 48 hours.
    For the upper lower program in question here, I would hit upper, wait 2 days, and hit it again from my assumption of this program. Would this be advised? If I wait 3 days after hitting a muscle group, would that be slowing down progress? I just started the program after a rest so DOMS could be in play and I’m most likely going to get less sore as I keep doing it.

    Andrew Fancher

    Hey Kirt!
    Love Bryce’s response! Ideally you want to hit that muscle group again when it is no longer sore and has recovered.

    For example if you did Monday Upper A, Tuesday Lower A. Wednesday rest. If your upper is still sore from Monday, take Thursday for another rest day and do Upper B Friday. No harm no foul and it will not hinder any progress.

    As you already stated, as your body gets accustomed to the volume of the new program you will be a little less sore as you progress through the weeks.

    Lastly, don’t forget to make sure you are doing the things that put your body in to a good point of recovery. Getting your 7-8 hours of sleep in, adequate quantity AND quality of nutrition, and also keeping normal life stressors to a minimum to the best of your abilities.

    I did the Your Better Half 1.0 program twice, and am now doing the 2.0 version, I love the frequency/volume and have seen very solid progress throughout. Good luck and happy lifting!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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