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    Anyone care to post their daily macros and food(s)? I think I’m taking IIFYM too far and need to dial it back to a “cleaner” state. Just looking for a variety and some ideas to keep things interesting while still hitting Micro and Macronutrient goals.



    Hi mate,

    Heres what I’m eating atm.

    30g protein with 30g egg white powder mixed with water in a shake long with 60g oats, banana and 20g peanut butter for breakfast.

    Meal 2 is 250g (cooked weight) rice, 175g chicken, 75g greens, 1/2 apple

    Meal 3 is the same as above but half the rice.

    Pre-workout creatine, mixed with juice with a rice crispy square bar.

    Post workout, 45g protein with 120g coco pops.

    Meal 4 would be 185g turkey mince with pitta bread and side salad of spinach, cucumber and a bit of lettuce and light Mayo/Nando’s sauce

    Meal 5 I would either have more oats, or protein, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter or dark chocolate.

    Atm I’m hitting around 280g protein, 400g carbs and around 50-60g fats.

    I tweak my meals as I go along after looking at myself and making logs of my weight etc and go off how my training is going.

    The only supplements I take is multivitamin, fish oil, Vit D, Vit C and creatine.

    I’m no progressional but I do like a simple life, and I wouldn’t say I’m in bad shape for my age, size, and for the lifestyle I have. Plus I like to keep things cheap and I prep every 3 days to save me time so I can just grab and go.

    I know it looks simple but I enjoy what I eat and I don’t get board of it, I just see food as fuel and that’s it really, I never really get any cravings. It’s like working all your life for the car you want, you wouldn’t fuel it with crap, that’s how I see my body. It’s the never ending project for optimum health. Oh and I’m a cancer survivor as well living with one kidney, have 2 children and work over 50hrs a week.

    Hope this helps. 👍🏽

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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