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    My friend I understand what’s your telling me but I don’t want no one to play a doctor I know every action has a reaction and if im starting to get something is up on me and doesn’t have to do with the answer ! I’m just a bit confused that’s why im asking

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    Is it the best to levelling up my physique to it’s peak before I’ll start considering using PEDs??

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    I understand you mate, factory worker here and I have an average of 12k steps per day too

    Thank you mate. Do you endure the whole process with many meals ? Or do you fit it in your breaks ?

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    Thank you man Bryce! Thought I had to do crazy things ! But the thing is that I don’t know how many calories I’m burning so I don’t know if I’m in a calorie surplus or not

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    Hey Geo,
    There are a lot of things here out of context, and a lot of input needed that would aid anyone in helping you; for example, what is your total intake now, what kind of training you are doing (Mountain Dog (High Volume), or DC (High Frequency), or Progressive Overload), if there is any cardio being done, etc.
    All these questions would help a lot in someone giving you a more precise answer.
    With all that said, you would need to see how many Proteins, Carbs, and Fats you are taking, and usually, people are afraid of adding Fats to their diets and terrified of adjusting it in their program. Fats would be great to add to your carb meals to keep your blood sugar levels more stable if you have a labor-intensive job as a carpenter and would help you in giving you a constant stream of energy rather than having a high sugar level and then crash from doing something like chicken and rice for example!
    Also, adjusting in your loading days or cheat meals (however your program works) to allow for a caloric surplus can be beneficial at the end of a working week to replenish your glycogen stores and will enable you to stay fuller longer and make you attack the next week with vicious pumps 😀
    I hope I helped, lol.

    Hey man ,
    So I’m using one of Joe’s programms (the anti flamingo prog) with not too much volume ! The reps are exact what the Programm says but maybe I have added some drop sets and ! No cardio just when working (15000 steps a day ) feels like cardio ,lol. I’m adding fats the strength is at its highest but the weight doesn’t go up !
    Thank you again man

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