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Laszlo Kiraly Current Program

This is the program I designed specifically for Laszlo Kiraly. He is a Hungarian Classic Physique pro. He will be using this program in preparation for the 2022 season. His goal is to re-qualify for, and compete at the Olympia. It is an advanced program. The main body part focus will be hams, delts and arms. Like all my programs I design for others, it’s considers many factors:

1. What he thinks his physique need improving
2. What I think his physique needs improving
3. What he has done/used in the past that he knows works
4. What programming/exercises I think will best match his goals
5. What he enjoys with his training

Laszlo will be running the program 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. With 2-a-days on days 1 and 3 of the split. You can put the 2-a-day sessions into 1 session if you want, or just treat them as separate training days and run through them in sequence, adding off days as needed.

His first block of programming is what I consider moderate volume, and predominantly straight sets. A lot of the exercise selection is based on movement (or variations of movements) that Laszlo enjoys, and complement his physique goals.

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Neutral Grip Pull-ups

Sets 2Reps 6-8Rest 3 minutes


Chest Supported Tbar row

Sets 3Reps 6-8Rest 3 minutes


Single Arm Cable pulldown

Sets 3Reps 6-8Rest 3 minutes


Machine rows

Sets 2Reps 6-8Rest 3 minutes


pulldowns (neutral grip)

Sets 3Reps 10-15Rest 3 minutes

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Copyright 2022