Brett Wilkin
2023 Olympia Prep

Exclusive to HypertrophyCoach app get instant access to Brett Wilkins 2023 Off Season Olympia Prep workout program. No more guess work about how Brett trains or what he does. If you want to train like Brett buy now and follow along in the app. Simple.

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ONLY $29

Joe Bennett has been featured in

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That's about as complicated as it gets folks, if you want to build muscle like Brett register today and get access to all of the following features.

Exercise Videos

I take you through exactly how to perform each exercise to get the maximum possible results.


Log every exercise, set and rep in the app. Track your progress over time and progress week to week.

HypertrophyCoach TV

I don't just give you the blueprint for building muscle, there is hundreds of hours of content teaching you exactly how to build as much muscle as possible!

Exercise Swaps

Every exercise has an alternative, if your stuck or your gym doesn't have the equipment just hit the swap button.


You can switch out workouts, add new workouts and customize as needed around your schedule.


Imagine having your own personal coach for $25 per month, sounds ridiculous but that's what you get in the app, my personal help and voice notes to make sure you get results!

The Most Effective Muscle Building Workouts on the Planet

Not only do you get instant access to Brett's program, but I am also giving you access to over 20 different workout programs, each program is specific to a goal, guaranteed to build muscle faster than anything else you have every done or your money back!

30 day money back guarantee

In-app Nutrition Tracker to Guarantee Your Results

Forget using different apps to track your progress, log your food directly in the HC app and get weekly updates to your plan to make sure your hit your goal.

Get a custom macro plan for your goals, log foods & track your nutrition in the app

Check-in each week for instant updates to your plan to keep you on target

Customize your nutrition around your goals and make progress faster than ever before!

It's time you stop wasting time in the gym with the wrong workouts and finally get a plan to give you results!

Trusted by over 30,000 people!

The app is no joke, follow the plan, get results. Simple.

Here's how to Finally Build Muscle



Get your personalized nutrition and access to Brett's workout program in less than 60 seconds.


Follow the Plan

Log your workouts & nutrition, follow the plan and get updates to keep you on track.


Change gyms

You'll be so sick of everyone asking what "gear" you are taking to get such quick results that you will need to move to a different gym, your welcome


This is what you're getting when you register today

Brett Wilkin Off Season Olympia Prep 2023 Value $25
Over 20 workout programs for every goal Value $500
One to one coaching with Joe, Bryce & Eli in the forums with personlized voice note replies Value $297
Customized macro plan for your goal Value $97
Weekly check-in with updates to your plan 
Logbook to track progress
HypertrophyCoach TV with 100's of hours of content

Total Value Over $900!

Pay Monthly


Charged Monthly

Pay just $25 per month for unrestricted access, no minimum commitment, cancel anytime, no questions asked.

30 day money back guarantee

Best Value

3 Months


$50 Every 3 Months

Buy 2 Months get 1 free!

30 day money back guarantee

Pay Yearly


$150 Charged yearly

Get 50% OFF the whole year
compared to monthly

30 day money back guarantee

Pay Monthly


Charged Monthly

Month to month payment

30 day money back guarantee

Best Value

Pay Yearly


$249 Charged yearly

Our most popular plan

30 day money back guarantee



One time

For the die hard hypertrophy fans

30 day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change programs anytime I want?

Yes, you get instant access to all programs and you can change as often as you like between any of the programs in the app.

Can I create my own foods in the nutrition logger?

Yes, we have a database of over 500k foods but you can also add your own or scan barcodes.

Are there any programs for beginners?

Yes, you can start out with the full body program, then progress to upper/lower, if you need help just ask me in the forums and I can guide you through.

Are there any programs specifically for women?

All programs are suitable for men & women but I do have specific programs for Figure, Bikini and my wife Mrs HypertrophyCoach

Can I share the app with my partner?

Each subscription is on a per user basis, you need your own subscription to log and track progress in the app.

Does the lifetime plan include all future updates?

Yes, you get access to everything and all future updates, no restrictions.

What if I don't have the equipment for an exercise?

Every exercise has alternatives that you can swap instantly in the app.

What is the 30 day money back guarantee?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can drop me a message and I will refund you same day, no questions asked.

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