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Initial fee (for set up, and to get in my book), and $500/per month

Currently not accepting new clients, please fill out the application to be put on waiting list


  • Consultant – greatest value is in my consulting role.
    Programming, nutrition, etc, are all great, but the most value comes from sending questions, video, etc. Constant feedback about your specific exercise execution and workouts will provide the most value. (Not to sound like a conceded dick, but a huge portion of what you pay for is my cell phone number, and personal access to me ­ as my time is my most limited/valuable resource)
  • Truly custom training plans (tailored to all your specific priorities). The specifics of the training info I provide depends on what you need from me. I DO NOT WRITE FULL PLANS ­ (Exact exercise, reps, sets, etc…) . In general I prefer to set more of an “overview” of your training program. Determining split, training frequency, intensity, volume, etc (timed with your nutritional phases/recovery). I work with more “educated” clients. I provide exercise goals, such as overload shortened range, lengthened, output, giant set, etc. Many clients prefer to chose their favorite specific exercises, giant sets. But again, this varies person to person.
  • Video movement analysis (In my opinion this is my top value), like above stated, execution is priority number 1. This is why I stopped writing programming. At the end of the day, it did not produce better results. This is because I believe execution, not specific exercises accomplish goal. If you need feedback or help with a movement, you can send me video for analysis. And often if a body part is not progressing like I expect, I will request video of certain exercise execution.
  • Custom nutrition and supplementation plans. Updated as often as needed (based on weekly check­-ins, daily feedback, and a few other feedback tools/questionnaires I use). I have had clients that I only make 2­-3 changes their entire prep. I have some client by the end of prep we are making changes every day. It is all based on individual needs.
  • Scheduled weekly check-­ins and feedback
  • Email, phone,and text support. I suggest texts for quick feedback (within 24hrs), emails for longer (within 48hrs ­ this includes turn around time for exercise video analysis), non time sensitive questions. Additional scheduled Skype calls will be at my normal consultation fee ($200/hour).
  • “Peak week” plans and “on call support”. When I have athletes competing starting a few days out from show date, I keep my phone on me 24/7 and even let people I’m training know I could be needed at any moment to make adjustments.
  • Custom metabolic/cardio plans tailored and periodized in line with your training, nutrition and current training phase.
  • Team support. You don’t get just me. I don’t have every answer. I am not “the guru”. If I do not have the answer, I will get it from a colleague. If it is more complicated than that, I will refer out.




  • Send up to 10 videos for analysis
  • You will get back 2 separate sets of custom exercise video analysis for every exercises within the program.Initially you will receive a custom audio file (from The Hypertrophy Coach, Joe Bennett), analyzing and providing execution feedback for the videos you send.Then when you chose, you can send the same exercise again for analysis and you will receive feedback again, with one more “follow­up” execution analysis. To ensure your execution is optimal.




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